Tesla Motors Is Planning Three New Models

Tesla’s highly anticipated Model S has finally reached the market after the company delivered its first electric sedan to a client a few days ago. Now that the development for the car has been finished, the automaker can now focus on future models which will be launched in the years to come.

As we have mentioned for several times here on rpmGo, the first car to be launched after Model S is going to be the Model X which has already been previewed last year by Tesla Motors and it is scheduled to go on sale sometime in 2013. Aside from this crossover, Tesla Motors is working on two other cars that will join the lineup in the future.

Despite the fact that some people were saying that the manufacturer will be working on a small electric sedan to compete with the Fisker Atlantic, along with the second generation of the Roadster, it seems that they have other plans, according to a presentation during a recent meeting with the investors. Joining Tesla’s lineup in the future after the arrival of the Model X are going to be a small sedan as well as a small crossover.

Both cars are going to be based on the company’s 3rd gen platform and will be developed as mainstream models which will be considerably cheaper than the recently introduced Model S, which most consider that this isn’t really an expensive car taking into consideration what it has to offer in terms of performance and features.

No word at the moment regarding the release date of these two cars, but most likely we will see them by the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. The development and release date of these future models will depend a lot on the success of the already available Model S and the soon-to-be-released Model X.

Source: Green Car Reports

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