Tesla Model S Delivery Begins On June 22

If this isn’t your first time here on rpmGo you probably know that one of our favorite cars is the superb Tesla Model S. Good news for those of you that have been saving and put a preorder for this car as Tesla Motors has announced that the deliveries for its electric sedan to clients in the U.S. of A. will commence on June 22. This event is going to be broadcasted on the Internet as the company has prepared a live ceremony.

This date means that the car will go on sale before the original schedule, thanks to the hard-working engineering team at Tesla that put a lot of effort at the company’s huge factory located in Freemont, California.

One of the novelties of the car would have to be the possibility of allowing the driver to adjust the amount of regenerative braking that the car can give on accelerator lift-off, unlike the company’s previous EV, the Tesla Roadster which as most of you know has been discontinued last year. What this essentially means is that those of you who are new to EVs will be able to customize the accelerator lift-off regenerative braking of the Model S in order to mimic the traditional engine braking found on not-so-environment-friendly cars. Some clients will probably choose for none at all for maximizing the coasting potential.

The driver of the Tesla Model S will be able to customize the regenerative braking right from the vehicle’s incorporated touchscreen center console. In addition, Tesla Motors will give its customers the possibility of changing the steering response. The new EV comes with Comfort, Standard and Sport settings, and the automaker promises that the Model S will provide a high level of control, regardless of the road. Except for the entry-level model, all other versions will benefit from a fully adjustable suspension while the high-end models get an adjustable air suspension.

Although the car will be out ahead of schedule, the company will stick to its original plan of rolling out only Signature and Signature Performance versions of the 2012 Model S. The bad news is that the automaker said that all cars from the Signature series have been already sold, but you can still preorder the regular Model S which starts from $49,990 for the version fitted with a 40 kilowatt-hour battery which should provide enough juice for up to 160 miles before having to plug it in.

When fitted with the larger 85 kilowatt-hour battery pack, the 2012 Tesla Model S has an EPA-approved range of up to 265 miles, which makes the best production EV in the world when it comes down to range.

Source: Tesla Motors via Green Car Reports

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