Mini JCW Coupe by AC Schnitzer

The car you see in these photos is the fastest Mini ever made as shown by the car’s result during the 2012 Tuner Grand Prix event that was organized by Sport Auto magazine. The German tuner AC Schnitzer took a Mini JCW Coupe and developed an upgrade program which allowed the Raptor as they’ve called it to achieve the fastest lap in 1:08.07 on the Hockenheim track.

This result is 1.11 seconds faster in comparison to the fastest Mini from 2011, which was also tuned by AC Schnitzer, a Mini JCW named Eagle. The result obtained by this new version makes it faster than the Porsche 911 GTS and the Ferrari 599 GTB and just about the same as the Pagani Zonda F.

The output of the engine has been increased from 208 hp (211 PS / 155 kW) to an impressive 296 hp (300 PS / 221 kW) by implementing a new management of the engine, a new stainless steel exhaust that has a racing catalyst, along with a new turbo and intercooler. Other modifications include a limited slip differential, a sport clutch, a racing suspension with a roll cage and antiroll bars. To reduce the curb weight of the car they put a lightweight ion battery and used carbon fiber components for the door panels, hood, rear diffuser, rear wing and the luggage lid.

Source: AC Schnitzer via WCF

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