Japan-only Mazda Flairwagon Goes On Sale

We haven’t seen a peculiar-looking car in a while but now we have the Mazda Flairwagon which has been launched in Japan. The automaker says that this is a stylish and practical vehicle, but we have to disagree with the first part of Mazda’s statement as the car doesn’t look nice at all. Anyway, it has a pair of big headlights, two sliding rear doors which feature the Easy Closure function, while at the front there’s a small grille.

The interior cabin of the Flairwagon is as simple as it can be, featuring a basic instrument cluster, a push-button ignition and a chrome trim. Also available are split-folding rear seats and an air conditioned glove box to keep your stuff cool while on the go.

The Mazda Flairwagon is motivated by a small 660cc engine that is available either naturally aspirated or turbocharged. Both versions of the engine are linked to a CVT gearbox. As standard, the car has a FWD but for more money clients can opt for an AWD system.

The base price is of 1,212,750 yen which is approximately $15,280.

Source: Mazda via WCF

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