Ford promotes its Active Park System with clever Parisian pinball park challenge

We all know that in recent years the numbers of cars on the roads has exploded so finding a free parking space has become more and more of a challenge. While some prefer to drive for even half an hour in order to find an empty spot, others are masters of the parking procedure and can park their car in extremely tight spaces.

However, since not all drivers are good at parking a car, Ford has something for the regular car driver, the Active Park System which can be found in the new Focus. In the company’s latest marketing scheme, the European division of the Blue Oval company wanted to find out who is the worst driver when it comes down to parking a car in Paris.

What they did is install a huge pinball over one of the free parking spaces in the city. This pinball was flanked by two vehicles and the interesting thing is that the ends of these cars were programmed to act just like pinball bumpers every time a driver hits one of the cars. The driver that had the highest score (meaning that he was the worst driver) had the chance to park a Focus that came fitted with the aforementioned Active Park System.

Here’s the clip:

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