Brammo Empulse Revealed, Electric Motorcycle For $16,995

If you haven’t heard of Brammo before you might want to know that it is an electric motorcycle manufacturer and several days ago they’ve launched two new models, the Empulse and the Empulse R. Both of them are able to hit a maximum speed of 100 mph and offer a range of up to 100 miles. The power is transferred on the road with the help of a 6-speed gearbox and the 54-hp, water-cooled AC electric motor.

It has a 9.3 kWh battery which can be filled through a Level 2 J1772 charging point that takes three and a half hours for a 100% charge. With a regular socket the battery can be filled in about eight hours. We should also mention that this electric motorcycle benefits from regenerative braking. On the highway Brammo says that the bikes can have a range of up to 56 miles while in the city these can even to 121 miles.

The entry-level Brammo Empulse will set you back $16,995. This version features an all-plastic bodywork as well as a semi adjustable front & rear suspension. If you have more money to spare you can get the Empulse R which comes with a carbon fiber headlight shroud, along with carbon fiber front + rear fenders, rear light housing and top panel. Both motorcycles will be available with several financing deals which will start from $303 / month.

Both models are available to order via Brammo’s website or at their dealers.

Source: Brammo via Green Car Reports

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