Ben Collins Will Race EVs

For those of you that haven’t heard of Ben Collins, he was the least-known man on the most popular automotive TV show. Also known as the Stig, he decided to do a little bit of EV racing after he left Top Gear. He will participate in the newly introduced EVCup which was created entirely for electric vehicles. The cars that will participate in the competition will be modified THINK City EVs for the City EV class and also modified Westfield iRacers for the Sports EV class.

Although this new type of competition wasn’t able to round up more than 20 electric supercars for the first season, the truth of the matter is that there aren’t many robust examples as you might have expected. The top speed of the aforementioned Sports EV class will be 115 mph which is just about the same in the Spec Miata racing. Even slow cars can be a lot of fun so why shouldn’t EVs fit in this category?

Collin affirmed that motorsports is probably the best crucible for testing and developing new automotive technology, regardless of how many horsepower are available under the hood. I for one totally agree with him because it is not all about the power of the car, there are other things maybe just as important that will have a tremendous effect in the future.

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